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My 'Larry' Rant


Ok so I’m just sick of people saying Larry is real just because they see a new picture of them looking at each other. Like it’s ridiculous. “Oh you see that tattoo yeah since they both have similar ones and Eleanor doesn’t they’re meant to be”. Like are you stupid or are you stupid? Just because…

First of all we dont say Larry’s real bc we get a picture of them looking at each other we just call them Larry moment bc we barley get any Larry moments, and secondly We know Eleanor has feelings were not dumb, and have you ever thought maybe Eleanor dosen’t really care if we call her “boyfriend” gay , and even if he wasn’t why would she care if a bunch of teenage girls call her “boyfriend” gay if she knows he’s not gay? …., that’s right bc he is and she’s a beard , and Louis can lie he’s human so don’t think he can’t lie or any of the boys can’t lie to us , even if they do love us somethings we just don’t need to know about them , and yea Louis can be capable of being in a fake relationship bc he knows its too save he’s career and the boys so he is capable of being in a fake relationship.


Anonymous asked:

Since when is it 'gullible' to believe the truth? Like, why am I 'stupid' for thinking Elounor is real? Louis family says it's real, LOUIS says it's real, Eleanor says it's real, Louis' friends say it's real, Eleanor's friends say it's real. If you expect me to believe that a management company is paying all of these people to stay quiet, than you're the gullible one, not me.


[sniggers to hardcore larry shippers in the distance]

Before I start I just wanted to say that all of what i’m going to write is my opinion bc i have the right: Why do you believe everything you hear? have you ever heard of the word lying? yeah its real it happens you lie I lie we all lie , so speaking of lying what makes you think Louis or Eleanor or Eleanor’s friends don’t lie? anyway all im saying is not to believe everything you see or read cause this world is filled with liars and lies just saying.

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